Moonraker MAG-270KL Complete Antenna Kit


Experience unmatched signal strength and clarity with the Moonraker MAG-270KL complete antenna kit. This meticulously crafted masterpiece is designed to cater to all enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance in their communication devices.

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With a frequency range of 144/430 MHz, this versatile antenna kit effortlessly covers a wide spectrum for exceptional transmission and reception capabilities. Whether you’re an amateur radio operator, emergency responder, or simply someone who values staying connected, the MAG-270KL guarantees unparalleled reliability.

Equipped with a power handling capacity of 10 – 50 W, this antenna ensures your signals are amplified without compromising on quality. Its optimized length of 53 cm strikes the perfect balance between portability and effectiveness. Featuring a high-quality PL-259 (M) connector, the Moonraker MAG-270KL assures secure connections that will remain steadfast even in challenging environments. No more frustrating interruptions or weak signals – enjoy smooth transmissions with every use.

Despite its outstanding performance features, this complete antenna kit remains remarkably lightweight at only 370 g. Easily mountable on any compatible device or vehicle, it doesn’t hinder mobility while providing exceptional coverage wherever you go.



Length53 cm
Weight370 g
Max Power10 – 50 W
V.S.W.RLess than 1.5
ConnectorPL-259 (M)
Frequency144 / 430 MHz

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Weight7 kg