Moonraker MAG-270 – Mag Mount & Dual Band Antenna


Magmount antenna ideal for the Moonraker MT-270M and similar mobile radios. Terminated in a PL-259 pre-tuned for 2 m and 70 cm.


Discover the Moonraker MAG-270, a pinnacle of innovation in mobile communication technology. Built for seamless integration and effortless operation, this Mag mount antenna takes simplicity to new heights.

Crafted at a length of 50 cm, this compact yet powerful accessory guarantees unmatched performance reaching up to an impressive power output of 100 Watts.

Frequency versatility is not just a feature but a defining characteristic of the Moonraker MAG-270. Covering the wide range from 144 MHz to 146 MHz on one end and extending from 430 MHz to 440 MHz on the other, it ensures seamless connectivity across various channels.



Length50 cm 
Gain70 cm – 3.0 dBd
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Frequency144 – 146 / 430 – 440 MHz
TypeDual band mobile 2 m 1/4 wave 70 cm 5/8 
Power100 Watts
Fitting3/8 th thread
Coax4 Metres RG58
BaseProtective rubber 
Connection PL259 plug fitted

Additional information

Weight7 kg