Moonraker GSCAN II Mobile Scanner Antenna


Introducing the Moonraker GSCAN II Mobile Scanner Antenna, a cutting-edge solution for crystal-clear reception across an extensive frequency range. Boasting twin capacitor loading technology, this antenna is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in mobile scanning applications.


With a remarkable frequency reception range spanning from 25 to 2000 MHz, the GSCAN II ensures you capture every signal with precision and clarity. Whether you’re monitoring emergency services, aircraft communications, or amateur radio frequencies, this antenna is your gateway to the entire spectrum.

Moonraker GSCAN II Mobile Scanner Antenna Designed for convenience and durability, the GSCAN II features a sturdy 90mm magnetic mount equipped with rubber base protection, providing secure attachment to your vehicle while safeguarding your paintwork from scratches. At 600mm in length, this antenna strikes the perfect balance between compactness and efficiency, making it ideal for mobile use without compromising on performance.

Equipped with a generous 4-meter RG58 cable, the GSCAN II offers flexibility in installation, allowing you to position it optimally for maximum reception. Its BNC male connection ensures compatibility with a wide range of scanners and receivers, enabling hassle-free setup and seamless integration into your existing equipment.

Experience the pinnacle of mobile scanning performance with the Moonraker GSCAN II Mobile Scanner Antenna — where innovation meets reliability for unmatched reception wherever your journey takes you.

Moonraker GSCAN II Mobile Scanner Antenna


Frequency RX 25 – 2000 MHz
Base 90 mm magnetic mount with rubber base protection
Length 600 mm
Cable 4 metres RG58
Connection BNC male

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Weight 7 kg