Moonraker GF-151 Glass Mount Antenna


Experience seamless, high-performance communication with the Moonraker GF-151. This exceptional dual band glass mount antenna is the perfect solution for all seeking professional-grade connectivity without any hassle.

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Crafted to perfection, the Moonraker GF-151 boasts an ingenious internal ground counterpoise that ensures excellent VSWR performance. With its easy-to-use design, achieving optimal signal strength has never been easier. Featuring a frequency range of 144-146/430-440 MHz, this antenna effortlessly covers both bands. Whether you’re operating on 2 meters or 70 centimeters, rest assured that your communications will be crystal-clear and reliable.

Unleash the power of superior gain with the Moonraker GF-151’s impressive specs – offering a gain of 2.9 dBd on VHF and an astounding 4.3 dBd on UHF frequencies. Experience enhanced reach and clarity like never before! At a length of just 80 cm, this sleek antenna seamlessly blends into any setting while delivering outstanding performance. With a power handling capability of up to 50 Watts, feel confident in pushing boundaries when communicating across distances.


TypeComplete dual band glass mount antenna
Frequency144-146 / 430-440 MHz
Gain2.9 dBd / 4.3 dBd
Length80 cm
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Power50 W
Connection5 m RG58 cable terminated in PL259

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