Moonraker GB-1 Gutter Mount (Black Cast)


Gutter mounts are simply placed over the car gutter and two screws (usually with alan key heads) are screwed down inside the gutter to clamp the mount into place.


Moonraker GB-1 Gutter Mount (Black Cast)

The Moonraker GB-1 Gutter Mount in sleek black cast offers a reliable solution for mounting antennas without the hassle of drilling into your vehicle. Designed for convenience, this gutter mount simply fits over the car gutter, secured in place with two screws that firmly clamp it down inside. The screws, typically equipped with allen key heads, ensure a secure hold while also establishing a solid earth connection by piercing through the paintwork.

Crafted with ease of use in mind, the GB-1 boasts easy construction, sparing you the complexity of elaborate installations. Its adjustable angle feature allows you to customize the positioning according to your preference or antenna requirements. Additionally, the mount comes pre-drilled with a mounting hole on top, streamlining the setup process.

Whether you’re mounting onto a car gutter or trunk, the Moonraker GB-1 Gutter Mount stands as a versatile and dependable choice, offering a sturdy foundation for your antenna setup without the need for drilling.

Moonraker GB-1 Gutter Mount (Black Cast)


  • Easy construction
  • No drilling required
  • The angle is adjustable
  • Pre-drilled mounting hole on top
  • For mounting on car gutter or trunk


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