Moonraker GAP-H 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna


Experience top-of-the-line communication with the Moonraker GAP-H 1/2 Wave Vertical Antenna, the ultimate must-have for all CB enthusiasts. Renowned as the most sought-after antenna ever crafted, this straight 18ft base antenna flaunts a remarkable design devoid of cumbersome ground planes. Expertly constructed from premium-grade aluminium, its durability ensures long-lasting performance.


Effortlessly install and utilize this exceptional antenna with its inclusive U-bolts designed explicitly for mounting on standard-size poles. Seamlessly connecting to your device via an SO239 connection, enjoy smooth and uninterrupted communication across frequencies ranging from 26 – 30 MHz – covering every essential wavelength.

Boasting an impressive length of 5.48 meters and a gain of 2.4 dBd, experience unparalleled signal amplification that propels your transmissions to new heights. With a power handling capability of up to a staggering 500 Watts, rest assured in knowing that your signals will be delivered crystal clear throughout extended ranges.

The Moonraker GAP-H is engineered with utmost precision by industry experts who understand the importance of superior technology in achieving outstanding results. Combining practicality with efficiency, installation has never been easier or more user-friendly – simply attach it securely onto any compatible pole via the supplied U-bolts.


Gain 2.4 dBd
Power 500 Watts
Connection SO239
Length 5.48 metres
VSWR 1.5:1 or better
Frequency 26 – 30 MHz
Type 1/2 wave vertical antenna

Additional information

Weight 5 kg