Moonraker GAP-F Vertical Antenna


Experience superior signal reception with the Moonraker GAP-F Vertical Antenna, undoubtedly one of the most sought-after choices for CB enthusiasts. Perfectly designed to deliver exceptional performance without any ground planes, this straight 21ft base antenna is an exemplary addition to your communication setup.


Crafted from premium-grade aluminium, its sturdy construction ensures longevity and remarkable durability even in harsh weather conditions. Including U-bolts for effortless installation on a standard-sized pole, this antenna simplifies the mounting process while offering consistently strong connectivity.

Operating within a frequency range of 26 – 30 MHz, the Moonraker GAP-F spans an impressive length of 6.4 meters – guaranteeing extensive coverage and unhindered transmission capabilities. With a gain of 3.4 dBd, you’ll relish crystal-clear reception as it amplifies signals effortlessly across vast distances.

Harnessing a power capacity of up to 500 W, this vertical antenna empowers your communication endeavors with unwavering strength and clarity. Its connection type features SO239 compatibility, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems or devices.


Type5/8 wave vertical antenna
Frequency26 – 30 MHz
Length6.4 metres
Gain3.4 dBd
VSWR1.5:1 or better
Power500 Watts

Additional information

Weight10 kg