Moonraker Ampro-20T – HF Mini Stick Mobile Antenna


This HF mini mobile whip antenna is designed to let you mount an HF antenna with just a small magnet mount.

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This HF Mini Mobile Whip Antenna is perfect for those who want to mount an HF antenna without drilling holes or making additional hard mounts. It’s incredibly low profile which makes it easy to drive through your garage, and all you need is a small magnet mount or trunk lip mount to attach it and get on HF mobile!

Features / Specifications:

  • Short, mobile HF whips handle 250 Watts PEP.
  • Adjustable stainless-steel whip for minimum SWR.
  • Constructed similar to our larger version Ampro antennas.
  • Uses 3/8-24 connector on a small magnet or trunk lip mount.
  • Collapsible to 65 cm for easy storage. Thin, lightweight with low wind resistance.

Additional information

Weight7 kg