MK2 Stainless Steel Kettle 12V with Cig Plug


Great quality and extremely popular mobile kettle for use in any vehicle that has a 12V power supply. This kettle is ideal for making hot drinks, snacks etc.


The concealed element makes it easy to clean and prevents food (such as noodles or soups) from becoming stuck to the element when heated. This Stainless Steel Cab Kettle features an integrated on/off switch in the handle and has all the high-end safety features you would expect from a quality kettle – including overheat protection, thermal (automatic) cut out and strong, robust construction.

This model is supplied with a standard cigarette lighter plug, and a pre-fitted Stainless Steel 12V kettle. The powerful 250W concealed element delivers a fantastic heating capability which is distributed along the flat stainless steel base of the kettle. It also has an integrated On/Off LED built into the base, as well as a power indication LED integrated into the plug.



  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Capacity: 0.5L Capacity
  • Dimensions: 170  x 165 x 100 mm
  • Switch: Integrated Into Handle – On/Off Switch
  • Indication: On/Off Indication LED On Base CE/ROHS Certified
  • Plug: Standard Cig/Cigarette Lighter Plug With Power Indication LED
  • Element: 250W Concealed Element Automatic Cut out Over Heat Protection Robust Construction
Stainless Steel Kettle MK2 12V



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Weight1 kg