Mirage B-34G 35W 2M Linear Amplifier


Boost the capabilities of your 2-meter handheld transceiver with the Mirage B-34G 35W 2M Linear Amplifier, designed to provide a substantial increase in transmission power up to 35 watts. Ideal for enhancing communication range, this amplifier allows for clearer and more extended interactions with distant stations and repeaters.


Crafted with high-quality strip-line and modular construction, the Mirage B-34G offers exceptional RF performance and reliability. It features a custom “wrap-around” heat sink designed by Mirage, ensuring superior heat dispersion to keep the unit cool, thus prolonging its lifespan. Additionally, the amplifier includes Reverse Polarity Protection, safeguarding your device against incorrect power connections.

The Mirage B-34G is user-friendly, featuring automatic RF Sense Transmit/Receive switching for effortless operation. It comes equipped with LED indicators for On-Air status, Preamp activation, and Power status. Users can easily toggle between FM and SSB modes, activate the receive preamplifier, or power the unit on and off using individual pushbutton switches.

Notably, this amplifier incorporates a built-in low-noise GaAsFET preamplifier, enhancing receive sensitivity by 15 dB to improve signal detection, particularly of weak signals.

The package includes a mobile bracket and necessary mounting hardware, complemented by a comprehensive one-year Mirage warranty. Renowned for its durability and rugged construction, the Mirage B-34G turns any handheld radio into a powerful mobile or base station unit, ensuring robust performance and reliability.

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