Mirage B-1018G VHF Amplifier


Mirage B-1018-G 2 metre amplifiers are very popular VHF Solid State amplifiers. They give you 160 watts of output power from almost any 2-meter mobile or base rig that puts out 10 watts maximum, making these amplifiers ideal for your 2 metre mobile or base station.

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With Mirage B-1018-G Amplifiers, you will reach more distant stations and sound better on all modes – FM, Digital, SSB, and CW. You will also receive all types of signals better than ever before! These amplifiers have built-in low noise 20 dB GaAsFET preamplifiers with an excellent 1 dB noise figure, for pulling out the weak signals on almost any 2 metre antenna system.

When operating the low end of the band, the Mirage exclusive Active-Bias™ system keeps SSB voice crisp and clear for fantastic operation. Other amplifiers using conventional bias methods tend to produce splatter and distortion as the power level changes, but Mirage amplifiers with Active-Bias™ do not exhibit those problems.

B-1018-G amplifiers are fully protected with features found in expensive commercial amplifiers. High SWR or excessive input power can damage your amplifier, but Mirage amplifiers have built-in protection circuits that automatically bypass your amplifier to prevent damage, with LED indicators that alert you of the fault condition.

Mirage B-1018-G 2 meter amplifiers also feature an internal RF sensing system that automatically keys the bypass relay, which disconnects the preamplifier if it is on, and places the unit into the transmit mode when the amplifier power switch is on. Their mode switches and adjustable time delays provide smooth transmit to receive switching for every mode. A rear panel RCA phono connector may be used for external direct keying. These amplifiers have extra heavy duty custom heat sinks that span the entire depth of their chassis. Plus, a rear panel connector allows these amplifiers to be remotely controlled, so they may be placed out of the way.

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