Mini Pigmy-SX Premium Magnetic Mount SO239


Discover the Moonraker Mini Pigmy-SX Premium Magnetic Mount SO239, ideal for small PL259 antennas like the MRQ525 dual band mobile. Features a 70 mm magnetic base, SO239 socket, and 4M RG58 coaxial cable without plug, all protected by a durable rubber base.


The Moonraker Mini Pigmy-SX Premium Magnetic Mount SO239 offers reliable mounting for small PL259 antennas, such as the MRQ525 dual band mobile antenna. With its 70 mm magnetic base, this mount ensures strong adhesion to metal surfaces, providing stability during use.

It features an SO239 socket for secure antenna connection and comes equipped with 4 meters of RG58 coaxial cable without a plug, allowing for flexible installation options. The base is encased in protective rubber, enhancing durability and safeguarding surfaces from scratches. Ideal for compact setups requiring a robust and adaptable magnetic mounting solution.


  • Fitting: SO239 socket
  • Coax: 4 metres RG58
  • Base: Protective rubber

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Weight1 kg