Midland WA-31 – Bluetooth Pneumatic Earpiece and Microphone


Bluetooth single pneumatic earpiece with microphone. Compatible with the Midland WA Bluetooth Adaptor.


Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound quality while maintaining seamless wireless connectivity to your Midland WA radios. The built-in microphone ensures flawless transmission, enabling effortless two-way conversations without any compromise on clarity or range.

Unleashing the power of convenient hands-free operation, this indispensable accessory enables you to stay connected even during intense tasks or demanding situations. No more fumbling with wires or juggling equipment – simply connect the Midland WA-31 to your compatible Midland WA Bluetooth Adaptor for effortless synchronization and reliable performance.

Built for professionals who refuse to settle for mediocrity, our meticulously designed earpiece guarantees exceptional audio reception and unparalleled comfort throughout extended usage periods. Its ergonomic construction provides a secure fit that effortlessly adapts to individual preferences, ensuring optimal functionality without ever sacrificing style.

Stay ahead of the game as you effortlessly communicate with precision using this cutting-edge tool trusted by radio enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s an outdoor expedition, emergency response scenario, or critical mission – trust in the reliability of the Midland WA-31 – Bluetooth Pneumatic Earpiece and Microphone to deliver unrivaled performance every time.

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Weight 0.3 kg