Midland WA-29 – Bluetooth Headset C1203


Behind the neck style bluetooth headset with PTT suitable for use with the Midland WA Dongle. The WA29 paired via Bluetooth with a WA Dongle allows hands free communication with a suitable transceiver or a mobile phone.


Immerse yourself in uninterrupted conversations as our WA-29 pairs effortlessly via Bluetooth with a Midland WA Dongle. With this dynamic duo at your disposal, hands-free operation becomes second nature, enabling effortless communication without any limitations. Whether it’s connecting with a suitable transceiver or managing calls on your mobile phone, enjoy an unprecedented level of convenience and freedom.

The sleek and ergonomic design of the Midland WA-29 ensures maximum comfort even during extended use. Its lightweight construction rests gently on your neck without obstructing movement or compromising comfort. Let nothing distract you from achieving peak performance while maintaining crystal-clear audio clarity that is essential for high-stakes communications.

Indulge in true wireless efficiency as you navigate through tasks effortlessly whilst staying connected every step of the way. Invest in the Midland WA-29 Bluetooth Headset C1203 today, providing you with professional-grade technology that amplifies not only productivity but also enhances each radio interaction within dedicated frequencies.

Take control of your communication destiny and elevate your professionalism to unprecedented heights – all thanks to the advanced capabilities woven into every fiber of our exceptional headset offering: The Midland WA-29 Bluetooth Headset C1203.

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