Midland WA-21 – Bluetooth Earphone/Microphone with PTT


Bluetooth Headset with PTT suitable for use with WA-Dongle. The WA21 paired via Bluetooth with a WA Dongle allows an hands free communication with the transceiver or a mobile phone.


The WA-21 excels in its ability to effortlessly connect via Bluetooth to both transceivers and mobile phones. This feature eliminates complexities and guarantees uninterrupted communication during critical moments. As a dedicated radio amateur, you can now enjoy complete freedom of movement without compromising on audio clarity or reliability.

Crafted to prioritize both comfort and functionality, the Midland WA-21 offers an ergonomic design engineered for extended periods of use. Its wireless capabilities enable easy maneuverability without any cumbersome cords hindering your movements—allowing you to focus solely on what matters most: crystal-clear communication.

With the added advantage of push-to-talk (PTT) capability, operating this device becomes effortless even in high-pressure situations. The strategically placed controls allow quick access and optimal ease-of-use when initiating communications or adjusting volume levels promptly.

Elevate your amateur radio experience by embracing advanced technology—the Midland WA-21 – Bluetooth Earphone/Microphone with PTT is here to revolutionize how you communicate as a professional radio enthusiast. Stay connected seamlessly while experiencing unparalleled convenience all at once—a must-have accessory that embodies excellence in every aspect!

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