Midland MA21-L – PTT Microphone with Curly Cable (L-Shaped Plug)


Microphone with adjustable earpiece and PTT, with curly cord. 2 Pin Midland socket.


Designed to offer precise control and unmatched convenience, the MA21-L features an adjustable earpiece coupled with a reliable Push-to-Talk (PTT) button. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable wear during extended conversations, ensuring uninterrupted lines of communication when it matters most.

Equipped with a resilient curly cable boasting exceptional flexibility and durability, this microphone effortlessly adapts to your dynamic movements without compromising signal strength or quality. With its L-shaped plug designed explicitly for 2 Pin Midland sockets, compatibility is never an issue.

Whether participating in critical missions or indulging in hobbyist pursuits, the MA21-L empowers you with crystal-clear audio delivery and efficient transmission capabilities. Every whisper delicately captured by its sensitive mic renders powerful sound reproduction that leaves no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity.

Embark on every expedition with confidence knowing that the versatile Midland MA21-L will consistently deliver reliable performance precisely tailored to meet your unique communication requirements.

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