Midland MA 31-LK – Mike with Eartube (2 Pin Kenwood)


The Midland MA 31-LK is a high-quality, durable microphone designed for use with Kenwood radios. Featuring an eartube design, this microphone provides clear audio transmission while keeping communication discreet.


The Midland MA 31-LK – Mike with Eartube (2 Pin Kenwood) is a specialized microphone designed for communication devices compatible with the 2-pin Kenwood socket configuration. Engineered with precision, this microphone integrates a unique pneumatic earpiece for enhanced comfort and clarity during extended usage.

Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, the microphone prioritizes both functionality and user experience. The pneumatic earpiece ensures a snug fit, reducing external noise interference while optimizing audio delivery, making it ideal for high-stress environments where clear communication is paramount.

The 2-pin Kenwood socket compatibility offers versatility, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of communication devices utilizing this standard. Whether in professional settings such as security operations, law enforcement, or recreational activities like outdoor adventures, the Midland MA 31-LK microphone with eartube excels in providing reliable and crystal-clear communication.

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