Midland M-20 New Mobile CB Radio with USB/Bluetooth Feature


Upgrade your radio equipment to the cutting-edge Midland M-20, designed exclusively for the discerning radio amateur. Boasting a range of advanced features, this professional-grade device is engineered with precision and craftsmanship to elevate your communication experience.


Engage in seamless connectivity with its USB/Bluetooth Feature, allowing you to effortlessly connect external devices for enhanced versatility. Stay informed like never before with the large white LCD display, providing crystal-clear visibility of crucial information at all times.

Switch effortlessly between AM/FM frequencies at the touch of a button, ensuring you always have access to a wide range of channels.

Experience optimum clarity and minimal interference with the automatic digital squelch feature, eliminating disruptive background noise without compromising on quality.

Unleash precise signal measurement capabilities using the digital S-Meter function, enabling accurate assessment of incoming transmissions.

Midland M-20 New Mobile CB Radio with USB/Bluetooth Feature

Tailor your audio preferences to perfection thanks to selectable audio options—choose from internal speakers or earphones individually or combine them both for an immersive auditory experience that suits your needs.

Midland M-20 New Mobile CB Radio with USB/Bluetooth FeatureSafety is our top priority: equipped with 9-19 emergency channel and selectable priority channel functionalities, you can confidently handle any crisis situation effectively.

Conveniently expand your setup using the 2 pin socket for accessories—now accessorizing has never been easier!

Feel free to amplify sound further by utilizing the external loud speaker socket so that everyone around can benefit from optimal audio quality.

Seamlessly integrate additional peripherals through its efficient 6-pin microphone connector—a go-to choice for true professionals seeking maximum flexibility in their.


Key Features:

  • Bands: Multi
  • Large white LCD display
  • AM/FM switch
  • Automatic digital squelch, digital S-Meter
  • Selectable audio: internal, from earphones, or both
  • ANL and Noise Blanker System that can be selected and disabled
  • 9-19 emergency channel and selectable priority channel
  • Microphone with Up/Down and priority channel
  • USB socket for smartphone and tablet recharging
  • 2 pin socket for accessories
  • External loud speaker socket
  • 6 pin microphone connector

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg