Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone – 4 Pin (Standard)


Experience seamless communication between your CB radio and smartphone with the groundbreaking Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone. This revolutionary device transcends boundaries by effortlessly bridging the gap between analogue and digital worlds, catering to both traditional drivers and tech-savvy enthusiasts.


This unique CB radio microphone is the first of its kind to be compatible with both CB radios and Midland’s CBTalk App for smartphones, which operates via Bluetooth.

Download the APP for FREE look for CB Talk by CTE International.

Available in 3 variations:

  • 03-C1283 – 4- Pin Standard Plug
  • 03-C1283.01 – 4-Pin Midland 48, M10, M20, plus President
  • 03-C1283.02 – 6-Pin standard

Note: The Midland Dual Mike will work with the app as a stand alone Speaker/Microphone, even if not plugged in to a CB radio.

Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone - 4 Pin (Standard)
Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone - 4 Pin (Standard)

Extremely innovative and functional, the Midland Dual Mike has an analogue Press to Talk, pre-amplified microphone, DSP for better voice quality and a light ring for notifications, as well as a long battery life.

The CBTalk App and the Midland Dual Mike provide you with a great way to control your CB and share news, such as traffic data, accidents, emergencies, speed cameras, and more in real time with a vast and varied community. No distance limits apply!

CBTalk App establishes a fresh community that modernizes CB Radio for the digital age.

The CBTalk App allows you to connect the Dual Mike microphone with either a 4-pin, 6-pin, or 48 connection to both a CB Radio and your Smartphone. The app helps you to customize the distance (0-30 km), channels, language and also brings up a map of other users near you with their photos and labels indicating their name and language spoken.

Dual Mike from Midland is an important step forward, as it brings together the analogue and digital universes to meet the requirements of both traditional drivers and those that are more open to new technologies.

Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone - 4 Pin (Standard)
Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone - 4 Pin (Standard) Midland Dual Bluetooth Microphone - 4 Pin (Standard)

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