MHP30 Mini Hot Plate


The hot plate’s heating body is made of brass with nano-ceramic coating, smooth on surface and evenly heated.




MHP30 mini constant temperature heating machine is a compact design of intelligent constant temperature heating station, it has the effective heating area, and greatly save energy consumption and heating time, the desktop large constant temperature heating units into a small and portable size, but also has the preset temperature, slope protection, power supply, automatic hibernation, and other functions, can be used for preheating, desoldering circuit board, components, LED lamp bead and so on.



  • This product is in small size, easy to carry, no longer just in the desk, you can take it to wherever you want.
  • Separable controller and hot plate design, flexible to replace.
  • When 65W PD power supplys is used, heating from room temperature (26°C) to 300 °C takes only 150 seconds. The control end is equipped with true color lamp. The color of the lamp changes with the rise and fall of the heating body temperature.
  • Built-in OLED display and real color lights, so you can see the data more clearly.
  • Multifunction: one-button heating, temperature control, menu settings free switch.
  • Bottom with expandable support feet, stable support it not easy to fall.
  • Nano-ceramic coating on brass hot plate, smooth, durable, and evenly heated.
  • Hot plate features a futuristic stainless steel heat dissipation bracket, artistic and practical.



Easy to Carry

MINIWARE MHP30 Mini Hot Plate Preheater is an ultra-mini smart constant temperature hot plate (heating station). It eliminates redundancy, retains sufficient effective heating area, greatly saves energy and heating time. MHP30 condenses the large desktop heating station into pocket size, and with popular PD power input, it makes possible for heating station to become a portable tool.


High Quality

The hot plate’s heating body is made of brass with nano-ceramic coating, smooth on surface and evenly heated. A futuristic stainless steel hollow bracket connects the heating part with the circuit board that can be directly inserted into the controller.

True Colour LED

The controller has a built-in true color LED that changes color with the rises and falls of the temperature, letting you know the warm and cold at a glance.

Meet Your Needs

In addition to the upgradeable firmware function, MHP30 also has smart modes such as preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up and automatic sleep. Users can set to turn on or off these functions according to their needs.




Material Aluminium Temperature Stability 3 %
Heating Area 30 x 30 mm Ground Resistance < 2 Ω
Temperature Range 100 – 350 °C Power 60 W



1 x Hot Plate Preheater
1 x USB Cable
1 x Hot Plate Preheater
1 x USB Cable
1 x U-S Standard Adaptor
1 x EU Gauge Adapter


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


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