MGP-Tristar 50-700 MHz Mobile Ground Plane


Introducing the MGP-Tristar Ground Plane Kit, the ultimate solution for optimizing your mobile communications experience.


Featuring an impressive frequency range of 50 – 1300 MHz, you can rely on the MGP-Tristar to deliver crystal-clear reception and transmission across a wide spectrum. Whether you’re navigating through densely populated urban areas or exploring remote regions, this ground plane kit ensures that you stay connected wherever your adventures take you.

Measuring a compact 50 cm in length, the MGP-Tristar is designed with convenience in mind. Its lightweight construction allows for easy installation and removal, making it the perfect companion for any road trip or expedition. MGP-Tristar 50-700 MHz Mobile Ground Plane

Equipped with a PL259 to SO239 fitting, compatibility is never an issue. The MGP-Tristar is suitable for use with most VHF/UHF antennas, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup. But it’s not just about functionality – the MGP-Tristar is a true standout in terms of style as well. The black chrome coating lends a touch of sophistication to your vehicle, elevating its overall appearance.

MGP-Tristar 50-700 MHz Mobile Ground Plane Invest in the MGP-Tristar Ground Plane Kit and experience the difference it can make in your mobile communications. Stay connected, enhance signal quality, and do it all with style. Upgrade your setup today and enjoy the unparalleled performance that this groundbreaking kit delivers.

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