MFJ-994BRT – 600W 1.8-30 MHz Remote Automatic Tuner


Remote Intelli Tuner measures just 9″ x 3″ x 14″. Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, has heavy-duty 16 Amp (1000 Volt) relays and is a highly efficient L-network.


MFJ-994BRT - 600W 1.8-30 MHz Remote Automatic Tuner

MFJ-994BRT handles 600 watts – it’s perfect for Ameritrons solid state ALS-600/S solid state amplifier and popular tube-type AL-811/H amplifiers.

It handles 300 watts SSB/CW power level and matches 6-1600 Ohm antennas. It lets you tune any antenna automatically balanced or unbalanced. It’s a comprehensive antenna tuning centre.

MFJ’s new Virtual Antenna Memory system gives you 2500 memories and has a coaxial antenna connector and a binding post for end-fed long wire antennas. MFJ’s InstantRecall first checks its memory to see if you have operated this frequency before. If so, tuning is instantaneous and you’re ready to operate. If not, MFJ’s Intelli Tuner algorithm kicks in.

Frequency is measured and relevant component values are determined. Only those values are searched for ultra-fast tuning.

For even faster searches, you can set the target SWR to 2 (settable from 1.0 to 2.0).

MFJ-994BRT - 600W 1.8-30 MHz Remote Automatic Tuner

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