MFJ-993RC Remote Control Tuner for MFJ-993


Introducing the MFJ-993RC Remote Control Tuner, the perfect solution for effortless antenna tuning. With its easy-to-use remote control feature, you can now place your tuner anywhere within reach and take full control of your tuning experience.


Designed to provide optimal compatibility, the MFJ-993RC is compatible with radios such as the Icom HF series and Alinco HF series. Please note that an interface cable may be required for seamless integration with your specific radio model.

Featuring a range of convenient functionalities, this remote control tuner allows you to effortlessly select between two antennas, manually adjust L and C parameters, and unleash the power of automatic tuning. Two built-in LEDs provide instant visual feedback, indicating whether your system is perfectly tuned or if a high SWR situation is detected.

For added convenience, the MFJ-993RC comes with a generous 180cm long cable, equipped with standard serial connectors (9-pin SubD male/female). Need more cable length? No problem! The included cable can be extended up to larger distances, offering flexibility in installation. While the manufacturer does not specify a maximum length, typically a cable length of 15 to 20 meters should be achievable.

Experience the freedom of remote control tuning with the MFJ-993RC. Simplify your setup, optimize your antenna performance, and navigate your radio frequencies with ease. Upgrade your tuning capabilities today and unlock a whole new level of convenience and efficiency.

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Weight1.2 kg