MFJ-941EK – MFJ-941E, 300W Versa Antenna Tuner II Kit


Introducing the MFJ-941EK Versa Antenna Tuner II Kit – Build Your Own High-Quality Antenna Tuner!

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Have you ever dreamt of constructing your very own antenna tuner? By carefully considering the parts and their prices, the time commitment, and the effort required, you may have concluded that it simply wasn’t worth it. However, the wait is over because MFJ has made building and testing your antenna tuner an exciting and achievable endeavour with the MFJ-941EK Versa Tuner II Antenna Tuner Kit.

These kits are based on the popular MFJ-941E tuner, but in a comprehensive kit form that includes all the necessary parts for you to assemble it yourself. The finished MFJ-941EK kit boasts impressive features such as coverage from 1.8 to 30 MHz, a power handling capacity of 300 watts, a mini cross-needle SWR/Wattmeter, a printed Lexan front panel, and a sturdy all-aluminium chassis with a matching cover. Every knob, hardware, component, and switch is included to ensure a rewarding experience in creating your very own MFJ tuner.

The MFJ-941EK Versa Tuner II Antenna Tuner Kit is a fully loaded, switched-inductor antenna tuner. It offers wide-range matching capabilities and includes a compact-sized lighted cross-needle SWR/Wattmeter that simultaneously displays forward power, reflected power, and SWR, all within two selectable ranges.

Equipped with an 8-position antenna switch, you can effortlessly choose between two coax-fed antennas, random wire/balanced line setups, or even an external dummy load to be used in conjunction with your MFJ-941EK or directly connected to your rig. Additionally, this kit features a built-in 4:1 balun and an attractive cabinet, adding extra value to your tuner setup.

With its extensive frequency coverage from 160 meters to 10 meters, the MFJ-941EK antenna tuner can be used with various setups including coax cable, random wire, or balanced lines. This versatile tuner efficiently matches dipoles, verticals, Inverted Vs, random wires, beams, stealthy whips, SWL receiving antennas, and practically any antenna configuration you can imagine.

Experience the sheer delight and sense of accomplishment that comes with constructing your own equipment. Take charge and order your very own MFJ-941EK Versa Tuner II Antenna Tuner Kit exclusively from DX Engineering today. It’s time to heat up that soldering pencil and embark on an incredible journey towards building a top-notch antenna tuner that exceeds your expectations.

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