MFJ-936C Deluxe High-Efficiency Magnetic Loop Tuner


Introducing the MFJ-936C Deluxe High-Efficiency Magnetic Loop Tuner, a versatile and compact solution for transforming wire or coax into a powerful multi-band transmitting magnetic loop antenna. With a wide frequency range of 3.5 to 30 MHz, you can effortlessly work the world using an impressive 150 Watts on sideband, CW, and digital modes.

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MFJ-936C - Deluxe High-Efficiency Magnetic Loop TunerSay goodbye to the hassle of grounding, radials, or counterpoise with the MFJ-936C. Designed with convenience in mind, this tuner eliminates the need for excessive equipment and deployments. The inclusion of a new 313 pF matching capacitor expands the tuning range, while the high-efficiency butterfly capacitor ensures optimal performance without any lossy rotating contacts.
Experience exceptional noise reduction during reception with small magnetic loops. The MFJ-936C minimizes static crashes, keeping your audio crisp and clear, even in challenging environments. Thanks to its high-Q design, this tuner effectively reduces QRM, overloading, and harmonic interference, providing a superior operating experience.MFJ-936C - Deluxe High-Efficiency Magnetic Loop Tuner

The MFJ-936C is well-suited for a variety of scenarios, making it perfect for apartments, antenna-restricted areas, and portable operations. Its flexibility shines as loops can be as small as 4′ for 17 – 10 m, 7′ for 20 – 15 m, 28′ for 60 – 40 m, and 50′ for 80 m. Additionally, loops of any shape will work, granting you the freedom to experiment with various configurations.

Designed for convenience, this deluxe tuner comes with an easy-carry handle, a mount for PCV loop support, and a tripod/mast mount, allowing for effortless setup and portability.


  • Frequency Range: 5.3 – 29.7 MHz
  • Max. Power: 150W
  • Meter: Antenna power meter
  • Dimensions: 159 x 241  x 133 mm
  • Meter: SWR / power cross meter, scale 300/30W switchable

In summary, the MFJ-936C Deluxe High-Efficiency Magnetic Loop Tuner combines convenience, efficiency, and versatility into one impressive package. Unlock a world of possibilities in amateur radio communications with this powerful solution.

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