MFJ-9340K QRP Cub Transceiver


You’ll enjoy countless hours operating this tiny high performance QRP transceiver.


Whether you’re taking a 10-minute DX break from your computer at work or home or back-packing in the mountains, MFJs new QRP-Cub is a great way to put the magic back into your ham radio.

You’ll enjoy countless hours operating this tiny high performance QRP transceiver.
MFJ QRP-Cub transceivers use surface mount technology to achieve big performance in a pocket-sized package.
The kit version has all SMT parts mounted and soldered. You just insert and solder the through-hole parts such as the connectors, inductors and trimmer caps/pots. In just a few hours, you’ll be working the world with QRP fun!
The MFJ QRP-Cub was designed by QRP-ARCI hall-of-famer K1BQT for real-world low power operating conditions.
Buy them all or choose from 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, or 15 meters.
Specify in the “XX” area of the model number.

Key Features:

  • Hot Receiver: 0.2 UV sensitivity pulls in weak signals.
  • Low Noise: Virtually no noise contribution from receiver electronics.
  • Sharp Passband: Crystal filter and shaped audio reject QRM and QRN.
  • Differential-Mode AGC: Audio output holds rock-steady over 80 dB signal range.
  • Robust AF Output: Drives stereo phones or external speakers.
  • Adjustable Transmitter: RF output is variable to zero. 2 Watts out thru 20 M, 1 W on 17 / 15 M.
  • Full QSK: Seamless electronic switching for smooth break-in.
  • Natural Sidetone: Pure sine-wave receiver monitors signal.
  • Shaped Keying: Controlled envelope for click-free keying.
  • Custom TX Offset / Receiver Passband Center: User-adjustable.
  • Low Power Drain: Use any regulated 12 to 15 V DC source. 36 mA receive, 380 mA transmit.
  • Truly Portable: Set up anywhere, tuck out of the way when not in use.

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Weight 2 kg