MFJ-933C 150W 3.5 – 30 MHz Basic Loop Antenna Tuner


Introducing the MFJ-933C 150W 3.5 – 30 MHz Basic Loop Antenna Tuner, a powerful and versatile solution for all your indoor and outdoor portable tuning needs. With its impressive features and easy carry handle, this loop tuner is designed to provide exceptional performance and convenience.


One of the standout features of the MFJ-933C is its powerlessness. This means that no power supply is required, allowing you to set up and use this tuner anywhere without the need for additional cables or cords. It makes tuning on the go a breeze.

With a maximum input power of 150 Watts across all modes, this antenna tuner can handle a wide range of power requirements. Whether you’re operating in CW, SSB, AM, FM or any other mode, you can rely on the MFJ-933C to deliver consistent performance.

The convenient carry handle makes it easy to transport this tuner to/from portable locations. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure that you can take it with you wherever you go. Now you can have a reliable tuner that doesn’t weigh you down.

The MFJ-933C also boasts a low radiation angle, rivalling that of full-size dipoles. This means that you can expect excellent signal propagation and reception. Additionally, its Hi-Q rejection capability effectively filters out-of-band interference, reduces overloading, and rejects harmonics, resulting in a quiet and interference-free listening experience.

MFJ-933C 150W 3.5 - 30 MHz Basic Loop Antenna TunerBut that’s not all. The MFJ-933C is incredibly versatile when it comes to antenna setup. Simply drape a wire around a bookcase or any other object, attach both ends to the tuner, and watch as it transforms into a small, high-efficiency multi-band transmitting loop antenna. Operating between 5.3 to 29.7 MHz with a full 150W, this tuner eliminates the need for ground systems or counterpoises.

You can tune any shape loop with the MFJ-933C – circle, square, rectangle, or any odd shape. However, a quarter wavelength wire shaped like a circle is the most efficient configuration. The tuner covers an approximate frequency range of 1.5 to 1 based on the fixed wire length, loop shape, and environment, providing you with flexibility and adaptability for your specific needs.

Perfect for apartments, hotel/motel rooms, antenna-restricted areas, and portable locations, the MFJ-933C is a go-to choice for users seeking a compact, efficient, and hassle-free antenna tuner. It will effectively get your signal out and ensure optimal performance wherever you are.

For added convenience, the MFJ-933C comes with a detachable mount for a PVC Cross. When combined with the optional MFJ-57B or MFJ-58B PVC Cross Loop Antenna Kits, you can create a self-contained antenna system that requires no ground, radials, or counterpoises. This makes it even easier to set up and use this tuner in any environment.

Choose the MFJ-933C 150W 3.5 – 30 MHz Basic Loop Antenna Tuner and experience the power, versatility, and reliability it offers. Upgrade your antenna setup today and enjoy enhanced performance and convenience like never before.

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