MFJ-918 – Balun 1:1, 1.5 KW PEP, 1.8-30 MHz


The 1:1 Current Balun was designed to replace the centre insulator of a dipole antenna. It is made up of 50 ferrite core beads placed onto a 13-inch piece of RG-303 coax. Operates 1.8 to 30 MHz.


The coax and SO-239 connectors have Teflon (R) for maximum insulation and extended life of the product. The MFJ 1:1 Current Balun is enclosed in schedule 40 PVC pipe for maximum strength and protection. Unlike other baluns, the MFJ-918 makes a direct electrical connection to the antenna with #14 copper wire.

The MFJ Current Balun will reduce or eliminate stray RF often found on coax. This stray RF can cause burns and other problems with electronic equipment in ham-shacks and vehicles. Stray RF also results in a loss of radiated power from the antenna, which will lead to a great reduction in signal strength.

MFJ-918 - Balun 1:1, 1.5 KW PEP, 1.8-30 MHz

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