MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter


Introducing the MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter, the ultimate choice for Ham radio enthusiasts who crave top-notch accuracy and precision. This high-performance meter guarantees an unparalleled level of accuracy, making it the Cadillac of SWR/Power meters in the market.


Equipped with a large 3.25 x 1.25-inch precision illuminated meter, this Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter promises easy wide-angle viewing. The black and red meter scale displayed on a bright white background ensures effortless reading of SWR, forward power, or reflected power. For your convenience, the meter lamp requires either 13.8V DC or 110 VAC, and a power pigtail is included for wiring purposes.

MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter With its functional and user-friendly front panel layout, selecting power ranges, and bands, or making SWR readings becomes a breeze. The innovative SWR scale expands the full view of the meter, ensuring that 3:1 SWR is accurately centred at mid-scale, providing you with precise and wide-ranging measurements.

As part of the GrandMaster series, this SWR/Power Meter not only offers peak and average readings for forward and reflected power but also allows you to choose from selectable power ranges. Encased in a robust all-metal cabinet with rubber feet and protected by durable speckled black paint, this meter boasts both style and durability. Its designer injection moulded grey front panel seamlessly complements any transceiver, creating a visually appealing setup.

Featuring air dielectric SO-239 connectors with gold-plated centre pins, this GrandMaster Meter delivers exceptional performance beyond 525 MHz. Additionally, each unit is meticulously factory-calibrated, ensuring accurate measurements every time. MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter

The MFJ-874 HF SWR/Power Meter is designed to cover a wide frequency range, including HF/UHF/VHF (1.8 – 525 MHz). With power ranges of 5, 20, and 200 Watts, this meter caters to a variety of power needs.

Choose the MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter and elevate your ham radio experience with unrivalled accuracy, precision, and performance. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – get the Cadillac of SWR/Power meters today!

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