MFJ-835 – In-Line RF Ammeter for Balanced Line


Introducing the MFJ-835 In-Line RF Ammeter for Balanced Line, your ultimate solution for detecting and resolving imbalance in open-wire or ladder lines. With its advanced technology and precise measurements, this RF ammeter ensures optimal performance and maximum efficiency for your feedline.


The MFJ-835 features two identical calibrated RF ammeters, equipped with an MFJ Cross-Needle meter, allowing you to measure and compare the current of each feedline wire simultaneously.

With MFJ’s exclusive BalancedBarTM, balance detection becomes effortless. This innovative feature presents a visual representation of balance, with dual needles crossing in the centre when the currents are equal, regardless of their actual values. The vertical BalancedBarTM allows you to determine the balance with a 10% accuracy. If the needles do not cross within the specified range, the MFJ-835 instantly identifies the unbalanced line and quantifies the imbalance.

Maintaining equal currents in the feeder wires is crucial to minimize feedline radiation, reduce pattern distortion, mitigate RFI and TVI, and prevent wasted power. By using the MFJ-835, you can safeguard against power losses of up to 10%. Imbalance commonly occurs due to factors such as the feedline not being perpendicular to the antenna or one side running close to metal, being shorter, or closer to the ground. Tackle all your unbalanced problems effortlessly with the MFJ-835.

Crafted with heavy-duty 5-way binding posts for feedlines, this RF ammeter ensures secure and reliable connections. It can be powered using either 12V DC or 110V AC with the MFJ-1312D, adding convenience and flexibility to your setup. Compact in size, measuring 6 (W) x 3 (H) x 4 (D) inches, the MFJ-835 is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing setup without occupying excessive space.

Upgrade your open-wire or ladder line system with the MFJ-835 In-Line RF Ammeter for Balanced Line and enjoy unparalleled performance, precise measurements, and effortless balance detection. Maximize your feedline efficiency and optimize your antenna setup like never before.

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