MFJ-731 – RFI Filter for SWR Analyzers


Introducing the MFJ-731 – RFI Filter for SWR Analyzers, the ultimate solution for accurate and reliable MFJ SWR and impedance measurements. Designed with precision and crafted for excellence, this exclusive tunable RF filter brings unparalleled performance to your measurement setup.


The MFJ-731 is specifically engineered to tackle the challenges posed by strong RF fields, ensuring that your measurements are not compromised. With its exceptional ability to mitigate interference, this filter allows you to obtain precise readings in the presence of even the most potent RF signals.

One of the standout features of the MFJ-731 is its broad frequency range, covering 1.8 to 30 MHz. This extensive range ensures that you can confidently use this filter across various frequency bands without sacrificing accuracy or performance. Whether you’re working in the lower HF or higher HF bands, the MFJ-731 has got you covered.

Versatility is a key characteristic of the MFJ-731, as it seamlessly integrates with all SWR Analyzers. Regardless of your current analyzer setup, you can easily incorporate this filter into your measurement system without any hassle or compatibility issues. The flexibility offered by the MFJ-731 ensures that it can complement your existing equipment and deliver exceptional results.

In summary, the MFJ-731 – RFI Filter for SWR Analyzers is the must-have accessory for anyone seeking accurate and dependable SWR and impedance measurements. With its ability to handle strong RF fields, expansive frequency range, minimal impact on measurements, and universal compatibility, this filter sets a new standard for excellence in the field. Upgrade your measurement setup today and unlock a world of precise and reliable data with the MFJ-731.

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