MFJ-705 2500W Low Pass Filter


Enhance your radio broadcasting experience to unprecedented levels of clarity with the MFJ-705 2500W Low Pass Filter. Crafted exclusively for discerning radio amateurs like you, this cutting-edge filter guarantees an unparalleled reduction in TV interference right at its source.


Experience crystal clear radio communications with the exceptional MFJ-705 2500W Low Pass Filter, meticulously designed to cater to the discerning needs of radio amateurs. As a true professional in your field, you understand the paramount importance of minimizing TV interference at its very source. Equipped with advanced technology and unparalleled precision, this low pass filter is your ultimate solution.

By seamlessly integrating the MFJ-705 between your transmitter and antenna or tuner, you unlock a world of possibilities. Boasting an impressive ability to reduce TV interference radiated by transmitters operating below 30 MHz, it ensures unparalleled clarity during every transmission. Rest assured that our filter goes above and beyond by effectively suppressing unwanted harmonics that may infiltrate the TV bands.

What sets the MFJ-705 apart from others is its unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect – even extending further than expected. With additional attenuation capabilities precisely tailored for TV IF frequencies above 40 MHz, we guarantee an unencumbered audio experience like no other.

Engineered with utmost attention to detail and constructed using top-grade components, this low pass filter establishes new standards in reliability and durability for all radio enthusiasts alike. Its sleek design exudes professionalism while effortlessly enhancing signal quality across every frequency range you explore.


  • Passband: 0 – 30 MHz
  • Cutoff Frequency: 35 MHz
  • Power Capacity: 2500W Key Down – 50% Duty
  • Impedance: 52 Ohms
  • Loss: 0.25 dB (30 MHz)
  • Size: 91/2 x 21/4 x41/4 inch

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Weight 1.2 kg