MFJ-57B – PVC Crosswire for Loop Tuner 20-15M


The MFJ-57B PVC cross loop antenna kit includes a PVC cross mount that plugs into the cover of the loop turner and a 13-ft insulated 10-gauge flexible loop wire with low resistance lugs. Place the 13-ft loop around the PVC cross mount and get ready for multi-band coverage.


The MFJ-57B PVC cross loop antenna kit is designed to operate across the 10.100-14.350 MHz range, with peak performance seen at 14.350 MHz. Though it can be adjusted to a lower frequency band, the effectiveness of this may be reduced depending on both the shape of the loop and its environment.

This PVC Cross Mount consists of 4 pieces of A¾ inch PVC with a length of 26 inches, and is quickly assembled using a PVC cross connector. Assembled, the cross is around 4-A½ ft tall and wide; but when taken apart, the sections can be stored in just 2 inches x 2 inches x 26 inches.

Toss the MFJ-57B PVC cross loop antenna kit in your duffle bag or suitcase, and you have a portable, easy to carry multi-band antenna for use with your loop tuners.

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