MFJ-495 – Millenium CW Memory Keyer


The MFJ-495 Memory Keyer is a full-featured memory keyer combining dual microprocessors and a nonvolatile EEPROM chip for a full-featured, low cost, high-reliability design.

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New Feature: QRSS mode allows messages at speeds of QRSS1 to QRSS99! The MFJ-495 supports both Direct and Grid-Block outputs and has a port for an optional remote control.

  • 2-line by 16-character LCD display
  • Iambic keyer with dot and dash memories; automatic, semi-automatic or hand-key mode
  • 32 messages (four banks of eight messages each) total over 8000 characters
  • Messages may call other messages and contain programmed functions
  • Message editing capability
  • Input queue to store multiple message activation
  • Auto-incrementing contest serial number from 001 to 9999
  • Digital and linear analog speed control from 5 to 99 WPM (2:1 to 20:1 speed range ratio)
  • Farnsworth mode with speed from 10 to 99 WPM
  • Ultra speed mode allows messages at speeds up to 990 WPM
  • QRSS mode allows messages at speeds of QRSS1 to QRSS99
  • Adjustable weight on code elements from 25% to 75% (constant or speed dependent)
  • Adjustable sidetone frequency from 300 to 1000 Hz
  • Compensation for transmitter character shortening up to 25 ms
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) hang time up to 10 seconds
  • Direct (positive) or grid-block (negative) keying
  • Carrier tune and adjustable pulse tune functions for transmitter adjustment
  • Internal sidetone speaker with adjustable volume
  • Support for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards with RepeatKey feature
  • 190 characters type-ahead keyboard buffer with buffer-full warning
  • Quad user mode supports four operators with different configuration settings

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