MFJ-4704 – 4 Position Coaxial Patch Panel


Introducing the MFJ-4704 – 4 Position Coaxial Patch Panel, the ultimate solution for seamlessly connecting your coax-fed devices with no loss, feed-thru, or cross-talk. This high-performance patch panel features 8 Teflon SO-239 coax feed-thru barrel connectors, allowing you to effortlessly patch together 8 coax-fed devices using short coax jumpers.


Unlike traditional switching systems, the MFJ Coax Patch Panel relies solely on the quality of your coax, resulting in superior performance that surpasses any other system on the market.

Setting up is a breeze – simply connect your coax-fed devices such as rigs, antennas, SWR/Wattmeters, tuners, amplifiers, preamps, and switches to the coax connectors inside the patch panel. Once connected, each device becomes easily accessible on the front panel and can be conveniently linked to any other device using a short coax patch cable. With this versatility, you can utilize all your devices simultaneously, maximizing their functionality.

Designed with convenience in mind, the cables can enter through either side or rear on either side of the patch panel, and a wing nut is included for easy grounding. Additionally, side/back mounting tabs allow for flexible installation options, whether it’s mounting the patch panel to a wall, under a table, or on a desk.

Measuring a compact 9″ x 5″ x 4″ size, the MFJ-4704 Coaxial Patch Panel offers powerful performance in a sleek and space-saving design.

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Weight1 kg