MFJ-4704 – 4-Position Coaxial Patch Panel


MFJ Coax Patch Panel connects devices with virtually no loss, feed-thru or cross-talk. Provides 8 Teflon SO-239 coax feed through barrel connectors to patch 8 coax fed devices together with short coax jumpers.


This extremely high-performance and versatile military/professional patch panel approach has virtually no loss, no feed-thru and no cross-talk – depends only on the quality of your coax – and has far better performance than any switching system.

To use, connect your coax-fed devices (rigs, antennas, SWR/Wattmeters, tuners, amplifiers, preamps, switches) to coax connectors inside the patch panel.

Each device is then available on the front panel and can be connected to any other device using a short coax patch cable. All devices can be used at the same time. Cables enter through the side or rear on either side, with a wing nut for the ground. Side/back mounting tabs let you mount to the wall, under the table, or on the desk.

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Weight 0.5 kg