MFJ-39DAC – Acc Pack for 269C Has- 39D, 1312D, 66


MFJ-39D carrying pouch, MFJ-66C dip coil set, MFJ-1312D power supply. Tote your MFJ-269C anywhere with this genuine MFJ custom carrying case.

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Has back pocket with security cover for carrying dip coils, adaptors and accessories. Made of special foam-filled fabric, it cushions blows, deflects scrapes, and protects knobs, meters and displays from harm. The clear protective window for display and cutouts for knobs and connectors. Authentic MFJ logo!

                                              MFJ-269C and MFJ-269CM SWR Analyzer Accessories

MFJ-39DMFJ Custom Carrying Case
MFJ-99C10-Pack SuperCell Ni-MH batteries and MFJ-1312D 110 / 220 VAC Power supply
MFJ-39DACHas MFJ-39D custom Carrying Pouch for MFJ-269C / CM, MFJ-1312D power cube, and MFJ-66 dip coils
MFJ-39DABCPouch, Batteries, Coils, Power cube
MFJ-92AA1010-Pack AA SuperCell Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
MFJ-66CDip coil set 1.8 – 230 MHz. Turns MFJ-269C / CM into a dip meter
MFJ-5510C12 VDC Cigarette lighter adapter cord for using your MFJ SWR Analyzers on-the-road
MFJ-7730N-Male to SMA Female Adapter
MFJ-7731N-Male to BNC Female Adapter

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