MFJ-250X – 1KW Dummy Load


Introducing the MFJ-250X, your go-to solution for high-power testing and calibration needs. This exceptional 1KW Dummy Load is designed to handle a wide frequency range of 1 MHz to 400 MHz, ensuring accurate and reliable results for your communications equipment.

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With its impressive power handling capability of 1kW, the MFJ-250X can effortlessly handle high-power applications without breaking a sweat. Whether you’re involved in amateur radio, professional broadcasting, or any other industry that requires consistent power testing, this dummy load is up to the challenge.

The MFJ-250X features an impedance of 50 Ohms, providing the ideal matching for most communication systems. This impedance ensures minimal signal reflection, allowing for precise measurements and avoiding unwanted interference.

Equipped with a durable SO-239 connector, this dummy load guarantees secure and efficient power transmission. Rest assured, the MFJ-250X is built to withstand even the toughest testing conditions and is capable of handling 1kW continuous wave (CW) power for up to 10 minutes.

To ensure optimal cooling efficiency during operation, it is crucial to fill the can with either transformer oil or domestic vegetable oil. This coolant not only protects the internals of the dummy load but also enhances its overall performance and longevity.

With the MFJ-250X, you can confidently perform power tests, calibrations, and evaluations with accuracy and peace of mind. This high-power dummy load is a reliable companion for professionals and hobbyists alike, offering unrivalled quality and performance.

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