MFJ-2289 Di-Pole Antenna


MFJ-2289 does it all with fewer parts to assemble and a much faster tune-up procedure.


If you’re headed for the hills or off to the shore, MFJ’s big ear portable HF antenna sets a new standard for toughness, simplicity and QSO grabbing!

Efficiency is the key to launching a big signal in remote areas and a big ear does it so well you might forget you left home!

The secret lies in MFJ’s incredibly strong and weather-resistant stainless steel telescopic whips – stretches to a whopping 34’ span, twice the length of other portables.

Add a robust 45-degree center block and our unique Hi-Q matching system and you have a “pair of ears” that digs out the weak ones that the other guys miss.

MFJ-2289 does it all with fewer parts to assemble and a much faster tune-up procedure. In fact, you’ll be on-the-air with rock bottom SWR while your buddies are still reading their instruction manuals!

The MFJ-2289 is truly a “general coverage” antenna because you can tune it up with exceptionally low SWR on any frequency between 7.0 and 55 MHz.

With 34’of signal-radiating elements available, you won’t be handicapped by power-robbing losses of big loading coils.

You get consistent performance and maximum RFI protection because our lab-rated Guanella Balun is built right into the feed assembly. It’s proven to be highly effective across the full tuning range.

When you’re out in the field, safety is important. The big ear is specially designed to minimize the risks of portable operation.

Heavy-duty components keep the MFJ-2289 up. Also the 1 kW PEPpower rating assures a wide margin of electrical safety.

And perhaps the greatest safety feature of all is a distinctive V-shaped element that keeps element tips high in the air to protect yourself and those around you from inadvertent contact. Your sight will be safe and so will your investment because sturdy aluminum and stainless-steel construction will guarantee years of reliable service.

The optional tripod includes telescopic fiberglass mast with quick clamps

MFJ-1919EX: Max height to 18′. Collapses to 5′

MFJ-1918EX: Max height to 10’. Collapses to 3.8′

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Weight 2 kg