MFJ-2286 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna


This handy monopole boasts MFJ’s sturdy 17′ stainless-steel whip matched with a versatile air-wound coil that can be adjusted for maximum efficiency. As expected, this dynamic duo outperforms shorter backpack antennas.

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True Backpack Portability: Antenna is over 18 feet long fully extended, but disassembles and collapses to 28″ in seconds. Fits into most any size packs!

Light Weight: Just over 2 lbs.

Versatile: Includes MFJ-342T pipe mount – quickly and easily mounts to a 1/4 or 1/2 inch pipe or mast. SO-239 with lock washer feeds coax underneath the 3/8 – 24 connectors.

General Coverage: Tapped loading coil covers 7.0 – 55.0 MHz without gaps. Great for ham bands and outstanding for image-free shortwave broadcast!

Rugged Construction: All aluminum, stainless steel construction ensures years of excellent performance. One Kilowatt rated components guarantee electrical safety.

Counterpoise Kit Included: Ensures low SWR, high efficiency, maximum site safety.

The big stick is for the ham radio operator on the move and on-the-go and hungry for the next great QSO anywhere or anytime!

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