MFJ-1984LP 30 Watts EFHW Antenna


Full HF Coverage, no tuner needed on most frequencies. No long counterpoise, radials or feedline required. Rugged weather-resistant 50 Ohm matching network. Fast setup and takedown. Easy storage/transport. Stainless hardware, UV resistant materials throughout.


End-Fed Horizontal Wires (EFHW) cover multiple bands without traps, stubs, or resonators. End-fed radiators have the unique quality of resonating on the 1/2-wave fundamental frequency plus odd/even harmonics above.

Broad-band matching transformer at feed point lets the entire HF spectrum be yours! SWR is so low you may never need a tuner. Just one high centre or end support, installation is fast for home, road, emergencies. Comes with a rugged insulated-wire radiator that prevents detuning when contacting limbs/branches. “No-snag” end insulator slides over branches and through foliage without hang-ups.

The EFHW makes a great emergency backup for your regular antenna. Power ratings are in Watts PEP for SSB/CW modes, with 50% or less transmit time (ICAS). Each network is designed and tested to ensure great performance in a wide range of operating conditions. End-fed horizontal wire, an EFHW, offers the perfect solution for a wide range of ham activities.

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Weight 1 kg