MFJ-19 – Butterfly Loop Air Var Cap, 12-67PF, 4.2KV


Introducing the MFJ-19 Butterfly Loop Air Var Cap – the ultimate tuning capacitor for loop tuners! Engineered with precision and innovation, this low-loss butterfly loop tuning capacitor is the key component to enhance the performance of your loop tuner system.


With a variable capacitance range of 12 to 67 pF, the MFJ-19 allows you to fine-tune your loop antenna effortlessly. Whether you are seeking optimal signal strength or precise frequency selection, this capacitor empowers you with the flexibility to achieve your desired results.

One of the standout features of the MFJ-19 is its impressive voltage rating of 4200 Volts rms. This ensures safe and reliable operation even in high-voltage environments. Furthermore, the built-in insulator feet create a 1-inch space under the bottom of the capacitor, enabling convenient mounting while maintaining excellent high-voltage insulation.

Installation is made easy with the provided solder lugs on the stators and rotor. These lugs simplify wiring, saving you time and effort during setup. Measuring just 6 inches in length, 3 inches in width, and 3-½ inches in height, the compact design of the MFJ-19 allows it to fit seamlessly into small enclosures without sacrificing performance.

For added convenience, the MFJ-19 features a 2-½ inch long, ¼ inch diameter insulated nylon shaft. This shaft enables easy addition of a knob, enhancing the overall usability and user experience. Turning the capacitor rotor becomes a breeze, allowing you to fine-tune your antenna with precision and ease.

Upgrade your loop tuner system with the MFJ-19 Butterfly Loop Air Var Cap today and experience unmatched performance and versatility. Unlock the full potential of your loop antenna setup and achieve crystal-clear reception like never before. Order now and take your amateur radio or shortwave listening experience to new heights!

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