MFJ-1800 Base Antenna


16 elements and 15 dBi gain increases Wi-Fi signals 32 times over a standard dipole antenna.


15 dBi long-range Wi-Fi Yagi for 802.11b and 802.11 g (tripod not included).

Tons of uses

Now buy a cable (MFJ-5606SR) to connect the MFJ-1800 to your wireless device! Only with RP-SMA / reverse SMA compatible devices.

This 15 dBi wireless Yagi antenna extends your range to lengths you never thought possible! Are you trying to use your wireless connection in a brick or concrete building? Use this high-gain yagi antenna to take your wireless connection outside! Are you having trouble keeping a wireless signal on extreme levels of a multi-floor building? Our antenna strengthens your signal giving you the best signal of anyone in the entire building!

Do you have other wireless users in your area that always interfere with your signal? Use our directional Wi-Fi antenna properties to minimize the interfering signals!

Are you trying to share files with a neighbor down the road – but your wireless devices can’t seem to find each other? Use our antenna to extend the range of your wireless devices – it will seem as if your neighbor is in the same room as you!

Are you a road warrior who can’t seem to keep a connection with your hotel’s free Internet access? Our antenna will boost your signal so you can keep your connection while finishing up your important business on the road!

Have you tried driving around your neighborhood to do security assessments for your neighbors, but can’t seem to find any access points? Use this antenna and find dozens of networks you never knew existed!

16 elements and 15 dBi gain increases Wi-Fi signals 32 times over a standard dipole antenna.

Our 15 dBi Wi-Fi antenna uses a well-tested design with 16 elements that have been honed to give you the maximum improvement on your wireless signal. 15 dBi means your wireless signal is thirty-two times stronger! That’s twice as strong as the other 12 dBi antennas you’ll see! It’s light enough to attach directly to a laptop (weighs just 2.9 ounces).

This antenna has no obstructions – it’s a pure open-air design that minimizes all losses! There’s nothing in the way to reduce the gain of this antenna!

Three ways to mount:

  • Standard tripod mounting hole – compatible with all standard tripods! (tripod not included).
  • Holes on the bottom of the antenna – use this to mount it to any horizontal surface, like a table or bookshelf!
  • Holes on the back of the antenna – use this to mount it to any vertical surface, like a wall.

Works with any 802.11b or 802.11g or 2.4 GHz device.

  • This 15 dBi WiFi antenna works with any 802.11b or 802.11g wireless device, or any 2.4 GHz device that falls within these spectrums.
  • It uses a standard “N” female connector to connect to your wireless device (requires a common pigtail with “N” male connector and adapter to fit your wireless card — not included).
  • You can easily find a pigtail for your specific wireless card in online auctions and many websites. This antenna measures 18 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches and weighs only 2.9 ounces.
  • Has standard “N” connector & vertical mounting holes for table or bookshelf.
  • Has standard tripod screw mount & horizontal mounting holes for wall mounting efficient folded dipole feed & balun.

Additional information

Weight2 kg