MFJ-1796 – 6 Bands Vertical Antenna


This amazing device stands only 12 feet high, and its small 24 inch footprint allows it to be mounted in any location, from ground level to the top of a tower – making it perfect for apartments, small lots, trailers and other such applications. Its portability makes it ideal for travel excursions such as vacations or camping trips, and its convenience is perfect for field day or DXpedition events.

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The antenna is designed to be end-loaded, eliminating power losses at the traps. By air-winding a choke balun, feedline emissions are significantly reduced. Switching between bands will not affect each other’s tuning, enabling users to access full-sized halfwave resonance on 2/6 meters. This powerful system can handle high PEP power up to 1500 watts for an omnidirectional pattern, while its low radiation angles optimize performance.

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