MFJ-1786X – 10-30 MHZ HI-Q Loop / Deluxe-220V


The MFJ-1786 Super Hi-Q Loop Antenna is ideal for restricted space locations.


Rugged all welded aluminium construction, it is fully weatherproof and does not require a separate control cable, the coax carries the signal and the DC control signals for tuning. You can remotely tune to the amateur bands in seconds. It has very narrow bandwidth which reduces harmonic interference and provides super front-end receiver selectivity.

Vertical mounting gives you good low angle radiation for DX and some high angle radiation for local work. It does not need ground, radials, counterpoise or antenna tuner. The MFJ-1786 covers 10 to 30 MHz, has a Remote Control with built-in two range cross-needle VSWR / Wattmeter with auto band select mode.

  • 10-30 MHz 
  • Size: <1 m (36 in) loop 
  • Feeder: 50 Ohms 
  • Power: 150W 
  • Remote control and PSU included
  • Auto band selection
  • Dual Fast / Slow tune buttons 
  • Built-in cross-needle VSWR / Wattmeter

Additional information

Weight 2 kg