MFJ-1778 Wire Antenna


Presenting the remarkable MFJ-1778 Wire Antenna, a true beacon of excellence tailored specifically to the passionate amateur radio community. Designed with impeccable precision, this antenna holds the key to unlocking unbounded possibilities across all bands, from 160 to 10 Meters, effortlessly accommodating your communication needs like never before.


Measuring at an optimal length of 102 feet, our ingeniously crafted MFJ-1778 ensures exceptional performance even in limited spaces. By seamlessly transitioning into an inverted vee or sloper configuration, this masterpiece guarantees enhanced compactness without jeopardizing its unmatched proficiency.

Embark on thrilling expeditions into uncharted frequencies as you explore the marvels of long-range coverage. Inclusive of ground and tuner support, unleash your ingenuity by harnessing its dynamic potential on 160 Meters as Marconi himself would have envisioned. Immerse yourself in unparalleled connectivity as our antenna effortlessly handles full legal limit power levels.

Always striving for perfection and seamless usability, we proudly offer additional convenience through the integration of a coax feedline — simplifying your journey towards achieving crystal-clear transmissions. With every connection made infinitely easier and smoother than ever before, indulge in endless hours of fulfilling conversations that transcend boundaries.

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Weight 2 kg