MFJ-1777 Wire Antenna


This antenna requires the use of a suitable matching network (antenna tuner) with provisions for balanced-feed antennas, for interface with the 50-ohm unbalanced antenna outputs of modern transceivers and amplifiers.

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Experience crystal-clear reception and enhance your amateur radio communications with the MFJ-1777 Wire Antenna, a masterful creation engineered for experts and beginners alike. With its impressive range encompassing 160-6 Meters, this 102 ft. all band doublet antenna is designed to cater to the needs of every frequency enthusiast.

Crafted to perfection, our MFJ-1777 boasts an unwavering strength that remains unmatched in its class. Equipped with a robust custom fiberglass center insulator, it effortlessly alleviates any stress put on the ladder line – ensuring optimal performance during even the most demanding operations. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve included a generous 100 ft. of premium ladder line so you can immediately start optimizing your setup.

Authentic glazed ceramic end insulators serve as a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in both design and functionality. Rest assured that your antenna will remain secure and steadfast against Mother Nature’s whims while radiating at elevated power levels up to 1.5 kW – providing unparalleled reliability when you need it most.

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