MFJ-1775W Di-Pole Antenna


Its directivity reduces QRM / noise and lets you focus your signal in the direction that you want – so you can work some real DX.


This tiny 14-foot rotatable dipole is hardly visible from across the street! With a 7-foot turning radius, it’s perfect for even the smallest of roofs, such as townhouses, apartments and condos. The MFJ-1775W is not only discreet but also low-lying – almost the size of a TV antenna. Any lightweight TV rotator will do the job when it comes to turning this antenna, like the AR-35 for example.

The directivity allows you to cut out QRM / noise, directing your signal in the desired direction; this presents the perfect opportunity to reach distant stations. Every WARC band is available for use – 60m, 30m, 17m and 12m – while being able to run 1500 Watts SSB / CW on each of them.

This rotatable dipole is the most versatile option for ham radio, featuring automatic band switching and a highly efficient end-loading design. The full length transmits, featuring coils on fiberglass forms with teflon, wire, and capacitance hats at each end – no lossy traps included! This durable setup boasts solid rod fiberglass for the center insulator and 6063 T-6 aircraft strength aluminum for the radiator. Easy to install in a few hours, it is designed to minimize any changes to other bands when adjusting one.

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Weight 2 kg