MFJ-1748 End Fed Zepp Antenna


The versatile MFJ-1748 End Fed Zepp Antenna is a game-changer for amateur radio enthusiasts seeking optimal signal reception across all bands. With its ingenious design, this end-fed wire antenna offers hassle-free installation and exceptional performance.


Constructed to perfection, the MFJ-1748 can handle up to 1500 watts of RF power (when paired with a compatible antenna tuner), ensuring high-powered communication without compromising on quality. Spanning an impressive total length of approximately 135 feet, this antenna guarantees remarkable coverage from 80 to 10 Meters.

Meticulously engineered with cutting-edge technology, this antenna is perfectly tuned to operate at 3.5 MHz using half-wavelength design. In other words, its ideal position is at around 130 feet within the center of the 80 Meter band, with a resonant frequency of approximately 4.0 MHz at 125 feet.

Elevate your ham radio experience as you effortlessly connect with fellow operators worldwide. The MFJ-1748 comes equipped with balanced feedline compatibility, allowing seamless transmission through an antenna tuner. Whether you’re exploring long-distance conversations or engaging in local chatter, rest assured that this exceptional product will deliver impeccable results every time.

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Weight 2 kg