MFJ-1729 Complete Mobile Antenna


The Power Gain from MFJ is known to be the top-performing dual band magnet mount mobile antenna in the world of ham radios.

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The MFJs Power Gain is the ultimate dual band magnet mount mobile antenna for ham radio enthusiasts. With impressive 2.6 dB gain on 2 Meters and even higher at 6.3 dB on 440 MHz, it provides unparalleled power. Additionally, its low SWR ensures safe and efficient power delivery from your rig.

Suitable for both dual band mobile radios and handheld transceivers, this item comes with a complimentary BNC adapter specifically designed for use with handheld devices. It can handle 300 Watts PEP and features MFJ’s unique 27 ½ inch stainless steel SlimLineRadiator™ to reduce wind vibration for improved SWR performance. This package also includes 12 feet of coax cable, a PL-259 connector, and a durable magnet mount with a rubber guard to prevent scratches.

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