MFJ-1724B Complete Mobile Antenna


The MFJ-1724B is the top-selling magnet mount mobile antenna for both 2 Meter and 440 MHz bands around the globe!

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Ideal for both your dual band mobile or HT. Comes with a complimentary BNC handheld adapter. MFJs incredibly strong 3 1/2 inch magnet base keeps your antenna securely in place, even at high speeds on the highway. The base is also equipped with a durable rubber guard to prevent any scratches on your vehicle.

The sleek MFJ-1724B antenna in black stainless steel is a stylish addition to your vehicle. Standing at just 19 inches, it won’t interfere with your garage parking. With low SWR on both bands, it will protect your transceiver from heat damage. You’ll also enjoy excellent gain on the 440 MHz and 2 Meter frequencies. This sturdy antenna can handle up to 300 Watts PEP and comes with a convenient 15-foot coaxial cable with a PL-259 connector.

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